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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 11, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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cameras catch a sleepy driver nodding off as the bus keeps rolling on, until a few seconds later he finally brought things to an abrupt halt. a desperate mama cat high on a ledge with a kitten. how saving her baby requires a leap of faith. this is what it looks like to be in one of the most treacherous kayak races in the world. why even elite athletes reach the breaking point. plus the buzzword for your chance to win a new ipad mini. and a singer is looking for a woman. >> a woman that has --
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♪ likes her cigarettes unfiltered ♪ >> why he's wooing her with a double white heart. >> you're not getting a woman like that, sorry. video from inside a bus in russia igniting a debate. watch this 53-year-old driver who is looking a little bit sleepy. >> he looks like a bobble headed. >> that's so scary. >> you see him drifting off the road. he's awake now. we get to see the view from the front as well to see exactly what they hit. you see him drifting off the road, not even going that fast, heading straight for that pole bang! hits it. you see the pole comes down. but the most dramatic footage
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comes from the passenger area of the bus. looks what happened. absolutely enormous. >> everybody is ejected from their seats. >> that's what i think about when i ride a bus. a lot of the times these big buses don't come with seatbelts. seven were injured, one of whom is suspected to have broken their spine. >> with an impact like that, i'm not surprised at all. even though it wasn't a high speed crash, it still was enough of a reaction, and people weren't suspecting it. they couldn't brace for it. this animal video shows a mama cat with her kittens in her jaws. i call those the jaws of kitty
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life. mama is trying to get from that building to another one. for a minute she goes up and down and around, is she going to fall off, is she going to drop the kitten? >> the kitten is like, mom, mom, mom! i'm not just hanging in there. >> we see the big attempt. it's a death-defying feat, she jumps from oming abou one build another, or she will attempt to. will she make it? >> oh! >> she made it. she kind of caught herself in the belly, her front two paws secure. she did make it to the next building with a kitten in her mouth. you try that. we've got another mama and her baby, this time a mama bear
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and her cub. >> come on! >> i have a question. how did the bears read the sign that said bear crossing? >> they knew exactly where to go. >> how the heck did that happen? >> smarter that come the average bear. >> when they get across the road you see this woman standing there in her backpack. she got a scary feeling. the burglars in this next pair of videos are missing one key thing i suppose burglars need if they plan on not getting caught. >> we're here in the uk during an elvis festival. this looks like a pillow case, he goes from room to room searching for god knows what. look, he takes the bag off his head and starts walking around, caught on security footage, and heads on out like nothing ever
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happened. >> quite clearly an idiot because he's wearing a plastic bag on his head. >> elvis has left the building. we saw him do it. >> it looks like he got away with it but two days later he was arrested, fined $1300, and sent up north for 16 months. this fellow goes into coopers plain workshop, caught trying to steal custom auto parts. he's looking around for different parts and at one point starts to collect them and realizes, you know what, i'm not going to be able to do this without help. he picks up the crate. he's finding no one's there, he thinks he's got all the time in the world so he can take his time taking the best parts and getting away with it. >> i don't think he's going to be able to to do that. these parts belong to a commodore v-10. it will take them three months
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to restore all the time they put into the car. they spent $70,000 on the car already. >> so this cat burglar got away. >> he got away. they're offering a reward because they really want to get the parts back. we're giving you a chance to win an ipad mini. >> the rtm buzzword coming up in just a bit. some competitions you might enter, you go in thinking i probably won't win. this race in north carolina is one of those raises. it's one of the most treacherous kayak races in the world. this is a class 5 run, slightly 13 a mile. professional kayakers want to check this off their box. it's like running a new york city marathon.
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you probably won't win but you want to get there and make sure you put this on your belt. >> do you have enough rocks in this river? >> you're watching helmet cam footage from peter, a raft guy in north carolina. he describes this as a feeder run. you'll see why. paddling down just fine. >> people that want to start kayaking can watch it and learn, and then do it. you can tell there's area coming up because that's where everybody is watching. >> a thousand spectators are here, they had to hike in to get here. turned sideways, and now he's backwards. >> and it's so narrow at that point too. >> he goes through that backwards, gets ejected from his boat. he sees rescuers there immediately ready to capture him, sweep him up, bring him over to the shoreline so he can take a break and get back in his boat.
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he managed to finish the race with a time of about 6:06, spending a minute outside of his boat. >> i'm proud of him. >> mark that off the list. he's looking to love a certain type of woman. ♪ part angel ♪ part dirty sinner and this dude documents learning a new trick. how long is it going to take? see how much practice finally makes perfect. this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds.
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trailer ♪ ♪ feeling like a total failure >> he's looking for a woman that has all the traits he wants. ♪ i need to find a woman for my own ♪ ♪ a woman who likes her cigarettes unfiltered ♪ ♪ and drinks wine from a box >> buddy, you're not getting a woman like that, sorry. ♪ i want a woman >> i'm playing this at my wedding. >> giving us a pretty good laugh. it really is hysterical. ♪ in my double wide heart
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>> to see more, go to or see it on our mobile app. >> and that's how it's done. ♪ there's a well-known saying that states to become a world class expert in any skill it requires 10,000 hours of talent. >> so this guy decides he wants to learn how to kick flip.
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fromom zero to kick film, how lg is it going to take? he documented every single minute. it's pretty interesting. so he goes out to the store, picks himself up a nice pink skateboard, takes it home. >> within just a few minutes -- >> i think he's taking it easier for himself by doing it on a carpet. >> that's the way you start. >> going to get the theory down. >> of course the kick flip is a lot harder. it's kind of when you oli but also barrel roll 360 degrees and land back on it. >> straight away he figures out the issue with the shins. he puts on kneepads. he's fully protected. >> not quite fully protected, as you can see.
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and the mrs. looks quite concerned about this. >> a quick update. >> got a bit of a curve so increase the kick to your flip. >> he needs a more respectable chin guard. >> now he starts thinking outside the box, getting more grip on his shoes. he moves outside, getting a little closer and no longer on carpet. >> possibly having to move the cat out of the way as well. >> this is just over four and a half hours. he gets his feet close together. a pretty big fall on his booty. >> boom. >> five hours, 47 minutes, the kick flip. >> here's the video for those of us who are still at kid at heart. >> this looks like so much fun.
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you may need a little help aftfalling try new unisom sleepminis™ to get a good night's sleep and wake recharged. unisom sleepminis™. a stressful day deserves a restful night. i know some fellas who trust their girls to do their hair.
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>> have you ever seen a girl trust her guy to do her makeup? >> first you lay the foundation. >> this woman has a youtube channel and creates a ton of different looks. the queen of darkness. she says she's a little bit tired so she decided to let her man do her own. >> now, here's where he lost me. >> i don't understand that. >> it's that shiny look, like a helmet. >> he wants her to look like she's wearing a helmet. >> then he has advice for the brows. >> eyelashes are important. >> he gets them on first try.
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from far away she doesn't look so bad. then the big reveal. >> i told you, from a distance it looks great. but what happens when she gets a little bit closer? >> mirror mirror on the wall. >> i think you put too much of this gray. >> she does say that give him a little time, he'll be a makeup artist. >> he does have potential. >> we'll let him do your eyelashes. i know how your mind works. this is a dance video of justin bieber. trust me, stick with it. >> i'm in, i'm in. ♪ >> already they're getting a little bit inventive.
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>> they start off going around in circles. >> this is giving you an indicator of just how talented these girls are. >> just standing on one of those things can be difficult, never mind doing one-handed hand stands. >> as the video goes on and on, the level gets more and more. >> then they start doing this. >> wow! this is so impressive. they're good. >> they're olympic quality by the looks of some of the stuff they start pulling off. >> this one in people, going through while holding these pose. the strength you need to do this is incalculable. you already need a lot of trust as well as they start teaming up. everyone starts bouncing. look at this move. that's impressive. >> that's like gymnastics,
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acrobatics, a little cheer, a little dance, all mixed up. it's time to give away another ipad mini. to enter, all you need is the buzzword, be 18 years old and be a legal u.s. resident. >> get on over to and click "win an ipad." >> let's reveal wednesday's buzzword. it's blaster. >> head on over to, click on the "win an ipad." blaster, b-l-a-s-t-e-r. >> wednesday you'll have a chance to win a flat screen tv. good luck. keep watching, everybody. a ferrari owner pulls a fast one on a lady passing by. >> he wants to explore whether he can pick her up with his personality. >> what's your ñc
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pecans, and apricot jam to make
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it stick together. then you have your finished product. not feeling the music. ♪ >> the youtube channel has a series of videos featuring the guy's experiences with exotic cards. he encountered a gold digger. she starts glancing over. he said, i'll strike up a conversation. >> what's he driving? >> a ferrarferrari. >> she's a gold digger. >> give her a chance. >> okay, okay.
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>> the confrontation has already started. she's asking what do you do for a living that he has a fancy car. >> i'm actually the valet at the hotel. >> it really is his car. >> he wants to explore whether he can pick her up with his personality and not just the car. >> so this isn't your car? >> no. is that a problem? did you think it was? >> it's like it's your car and you're picking me up. how often did you do that? >> i'm kind of with her on that. >> if you're meeting shallow people who want to pick up guys who are rich and have a real ferrari. >> have you given her a chance? >> >> she's suddenly turning it on him, do you always do this. dang, girl.
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>> it's not long before i jump over to your side. >> do you realize how rude this is? >> rude? >> yes. i just wasted a lot of [ bleep ]. >> this is just so l.a. >> you can't help but think this is set up. >> the thing that made me suspicious was the actual placement of the ferrari so he never has to get a look at her face. >> thanks for watching. for more awesome viral videos that you'll want to tell your friends about, catch us on the next "right this m covered california offers quality health plans, and you can choose from brand-name insurance companies you know. we help you compare apples... to apples.
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saving an elephant calf isn't easy. >> especially after it decided to climb outside the truck. >> how dedicated researchers got baby back where he belongs. and the crazy turn that nearly took out one tough rider. who doesn't love a good barbecue joint? >> especially if the barbecue comes with six-packs like this. >> the place where a sticker means good service. plus the buzzword for your chance to win


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